Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cape Town, South Africa - FIFA World Cup

Flew out of Auckland on 17th June with Lil, brother Evan and nephew Sam with Singapore Airlines bound for Capetown via Singapore. Lil got off the flight in Singapore and spent a couple of weeks traveling around Singapore and Malaysia. The rest of us Parkins, being more interested in football than Lil were off to the FIFA World Cup.

We had time in Singapore to catch up with the Argentina v Sth Korea match. Met up with nephew Matt who flew in from London - we had a block of four tickets to four matches in the new Capetown stadium.

Didn't have any tickets for the All Whites matches but watched them on the big screen down on the Waterfront area of Capetown. That's Ricky Herbert on the screen after the 1-1 draw with Italy. After the fantastic All Whites performances lots of foreign fans saw us in our shirts and had their photos taken with us.

At the stadium we had tickets for Portugal 7 v Nth Korea 0, and Netherlands 2 v Cameroon 1 in the group stages of the cup.

Watching the All Whites play Paraguay 0 - 0.

Ronaldo played an excellent game against Nth Korea and was named man of the match. He failed to fire in later matches.

The magnificent Green Point stadium with its glass roof. No internal pillars to block the view and no lighting towers. The floodlights are around the inner rim of the roof. Seating 65,000.

Later matches we saw were Spain 1 v Portugal 0. Spain played wonderful possession football and went on to win the Cup.

Also watched Germany 4 v Argentina 0. That's Maradona looking worried in the photo. Saw 15 wonderful goals, many teams inside the world top ten and the eventual finalists, Netherlands and Spain. We even came away fans of the vuvuzuelas!